Benefits of the Ergonomic Knee Chair

Black Knee SeatThese are chairs designed to allow a person sit in a position where the thighs becomes dropped at an angle less than 70 degrees where some of the body’s weight becomes supported by the body’ shins and legs. These chairs do look exact like the ordinary chairs and have a seat and support pad in front .With the sitting posture provided by ergonomic chairs, the shins support more of the body’s weight leading to a much more comfortable posture in relation to the spine.

Kneeling Chair Advantages

Their biggest advantage is that if they are properly used, proper spinal alignment will be made possible. Other chair designs offer sitting postures which place high level stress on a person’s backbone with prolonged sitting on them leading to the most dreaded back pains. These back pains arise as the muscles of the backbone are strained in supporting all the weight of the body. The backbone also becomes weakened by this prolonged use of the normal chairs. This can be restored by replacing these conventional chairs with these chairs.

These ergonomic chairs have been known to offer the natural feel in sitting in that particular posture they provide which has proved to increase the productivity of an individual in an office.

These seats for kneeling have also proven to be the best if a person experiences back pain already. This as I already mentioned could be as a result of prolonged use of the conventional chairs. The back pain will be relieved after duration as the chair allows the muscles of the backbone to heal naturally with the new sitting posture providing proper distribution of the body’s weight.

Replacing conventional chairs with a kneeling chair will definitely boost a person’s energy; reduce fatigue and daily pain with the benefit of improved productivity. Many office workers have understood these benefits and are hence taking the initiative of researching these chairs on sites like in order to learn about their benefits. Different designs of these chairs are available online and furniture store for individuals to buy the ones which suits their satisfaction needs and financial capability.

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Yoga Chairs – The New Office Trend

Easy ErgonomicsWhat is a Yoga Chair?

A yoga ball chair is a specifically designed chair that is made up of two parts. The first being a study frame similar to a regular office chair in structure that allows the chair to be moved around the office with ease. The second part of the chair is the seat which, instead of a conventional seat, has a yoga style balance ball resting on the sturdy chair frame. This ball is pop resistant and the frame is designed to allow you to adjust the chair to be the perfect height for your desk.

What are the benefits of a Yoga chair?

Unlike standard office chairs which can leave you aching and sore this design promotes excellent posture and can be adjusted easy to suit people of various heights, shapes and sizes. The flexible ball puts less pressure on your spine and allows you to place your body in a relaxed and comfortable position with your feet flat on the floor reducing the risk of aches an pains, and as an added bonus strengthens your core. This canny design also allows you to use the balance ball and take some time out of your work routine to run through a few refreshing yoga asanas to help you get through the stress and strain of your working day.  Learn more about the benefits here:

Who can use a Yoga Chair?

These chairs are perfect for use in both a home and formal office environment, with proven posture benefits and a solid reputation for promoting health and well-being. It is much safer than using just the balance ball as the stabilizing frame stops you from loosing your balance and allows you to focus on your tasks at hand. Adults from 150cm to 180cm will find this yoga chair the most beneficial, but taller people maybe able to use a large balance ball to suit their needs.

Read more about the benefits of these yoga ball chairs here.

Extra resource: To learn more about office ergonomics, click here.

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